Friday, November 30, 2012

Peas & Carrots

That’s what my dad calls us. We’re best buddies and we go perfectly together, just like peas and carrots. I’m kinnnnnnd of a miracle baby, because the most terrible case of allergies has always prevented my dad from having a proper sidekick. But after a friend introduced him to our hypoallergenic breed, he decided to take a big risk. He found an Airedale breeder and had me flown all the way from Missouri!

{Here I am before I came to my forever home}

As the story goes, when he picked me up at Logan Airport in Boston, airport security wanted to detain me for a while in my crate (I’m guessing this was because I was so utterly adorable they couldn’t bear to part with me), but my dad was having none of that. He told them I was his, and he scooped me up and off we went into a snowstorm to make the trip back to Maine. I rode right next to his hip the whole way home and I’ve been there ever since.

About ten months later my mom came along, and now we’re a happy little family. And don’t get me wrong—I love my mom. She’s always good for a treat and a sucker for a new guilt-trip-inspired toy (especially since she got pregnant, because she worries I’ll feel left out), and of course she helps me type my dogblog. But I’m a daddy’s girl through and through. Wherever he goes, I’m never far behind.



{Otherwise looking adorable}

{Captaining our ship}

{Telling Dad all about my day}

{Trying on Mom's shoes--they fit! Can I keep them?!}
{Sometimes it gets tricky being Dad's shadow on the boat}
{But somehow I always manage}
{And as you can see, I'm an indispensable assistant}
In just 6 weeks we’ll be expanding our little family with another pea. A sweet pea, that is!

{Image via}

At first I was a bit unsure about the advisability of adding another member to our gang, especially one that can’t do much more than cry and leak and hasn’t even mastered the art of Frisbee. But I have a feeling us girls are going to be a great team, especially once I train her to drop her food onto the floor! Until then, I'm reduced to scrounging for scraps in the dishwasher: