Friday, October 12, 2012

Boothbay Harbor, ME ~ Where Every Dog is a Celebrity

If you’re taking a pawcation in Maine, you absolutely must visit Boothbay Harbor. It’s the dog friendliest town in our great state, and there’s barely a store that doesn’t have a water bowl out front or a shop owner who won’t invite you in for a visit!

This August my parents took a boat trip up the coast to celebrate their one year anniversary, and I got to go tooooo!

First stop was Seguin Island, beautiful and uninhabited but for the lighthouse keeper and his wife. From Seguin, you can see all the way to Casco Bay on a clear day, and the views are indescribable. There’s a great hiking trail that runs the circumference of the island and it’s just perfect for energetic puppies and their families. 

Seguin has moorings in a protected cove, but dogs will want to be rowboat-ready to get to and from the shore. My dad really wanted to spend the night in the quiet cove, but being pregnant, my mom said she’d much prefer a slip, so off we went to downtown Boothbay Harbor. 

Now, one thing I will tell you is that if you are a dog, prepare to be treated like a star. Prepare to be loved and adored by everyone you meet. Prepare to be given the keys to the city-because people in Boothbay Harbor LUURRRRRRRRRRVE dogs. In fact, dogs are welcome most everywhere you go in this little coastal town. My first order of business was to visit the pet store Two Salty Dogs to see my frozen dog treats for sale live and in person. What a thrill! And naturally I had to pick up a few ‘supplies’ from their large selection of treats and toys while we were there.
@ Two Salty Dogs

Next we popped into the Chowder House  for a mid-day snack. In Boothbay Harbor, puppies never have to worry about getting the dreaded stink-eye from a waiter-instead, they bring you a water bowl and some soup crackers!

@ The Chowder House, showing off my new recycled float rope leash from TSD's!
The anniversary celebration really got underway the next morning when we cruised up the bay a bit to the Spruce Point Inn Resort where I lounged by the saltwater pool and helped myself to the dog bones next to the reception desk. They order in the best sunsets at Spruce Point-check it out:

 The best part about my mom being pregnant is that she can (and will) eat ice cream by the truckload (much to my dad’s chagrin), so at night we took the boat back into town to my most favoritest place on earth, the Ice Cream Factory. Don’t be jealous of my doggielicious dessert! 

After a couple days at the Spruce Point Inn, we loaded back into the boat and spent a lazy afternoon motoring up the river to Damariscotta. We saw so many porpoise and seals! But we hit a minor speed bump when we got to Damariscotta: 

Not quite so dog friendly. Oops! So off we went to Christmas Cove instead, where I was once again given the A-List treatment at the Coveside Marina and Restaurant, and I was even invited to join my parents for dinner on the deck. 

Such a fun trip I almost didn’t even want to come home! But I missed my stuffies 

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